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 Ep4 (Ran Online)

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PostSubject: Ep4 (Ran Online)   Ep4 (Ran Online) EmptyTue Feb 23, 2010 5:54 am

Here To Download the Video Tutorial
Video Part01 - mediafire.com ?xuzzgnzumlg
Video Part02 - mediafire.com ?mhzom4ywymd

Install .NET Framework 2.0 (dotnetfx.exe)
Install MSSQL 2005 Express Edition
Install MSSQL Management Studio Express

Server Files
SQL Script Database for using SQL Express 2005

RAN Server Files [14MB]

Library Files



EP4 Game Commands for GM

/eventexp_begin [1-9999999%]
/eventitem_begin [1-9999999%]
/eventmoney_begin [1-9999999%]
/event_ex_begin [speed/aspeed/attack]
/event_ex_end [speed/aspeed/attack]

/bighead [on / off] = All Online Characters in Bighead
/bighand [on / off] = All Online Characters in Big Hands(same as weapons too)

Characters Managements:
/kickuser [CharID] = allows to disconnect user
/charinfo_ci [CharID] = Shows the character information by character ID
/charinfo_cn [CharName] = Shows the character information by character name
/chatblock_ci [CharID, minute] = block character in minutes by character ID
/chatblock_cn [CharName, minute] = block character in minutes by character name
/chatblock_ua [uaccount, minute] = block character in minutes by user acount
/genchar_ci [charID]
/genchar_cn [CharName]

Move commands:
/move2char_cn [CharName] = Move to Online Character
/move2char_ci [CharName] = Move to Online Character
/m2c_ci [CharID]
/m2c_cn [Charname]
/move2gate [0-99] = Move to available map gate
/m2g [0-99]
/move2pos [##,##,X,Y] = Move to a coordinate
/m2p [##,##,X,Y]

Note: maps code (#) can be found on maps.list or maps.ini

Other Commands:
/server [delay/level1/level2/force/shutdown]
/weather [clear/snow/begin/spore/leave]
/warning_msg [on/off]
/profile [on/off]
/pk_mode [on/off]
/visible [on/off] = character visibility
/month [1-12] = Set Month in number
/time [1-24] = Set Time in 24 hour clock
/? = Emote Icons

Summoning Mobs:

/mob_gen 62,2,14,14

the 62,2 is the mobID that can be found on CrowStrTable.txt
while the 14,14 is the coordinates that can be seen on
top of screen compass

Loading & Unloading Event Maps in Game

/lev_new [filename.Lev] = Load Event Map
/lev_del = UnLoad Event Map

Lev files can be found inside the level.rcc file
you can open the file using winrar program

GM Character Edit

Open up your SQL Manager, go to the RanUser database.
Now, Open ServerGroup table. Fill in this Column

SGNum : 0
SGName : Feck Server ( you can put any name u want )
OdbcName : RanGame1
OdbcUserID : sa
OdbcPassword : 1234
OdbcLogName : RanLog
OdbcLogUserID : sa
OdbcLogPassword : 1234

GM Account
When done, Open ServerInfo table in the RanUser database.
put these values.

For Windows Authentication user and pass is not needed.

SGNum : 0
SvrNum : 0
SvrType : 4

Now, run the GMCharEdit. If this is your first time running it
you'll see 4 fields to input information.

First field : RanUser
Second field : sa
Third field : 1234
Fourth field : 1234

For Windows Authentication user and pass is not needed.

Creating an account
set UserType = 32 on UserInfo table for GM
and UserType = 1 for Users Only

on Ep4 database, you notice that the password is code instead of word
thats the new changes on Ep4 database
you must convert your password to a code known as MD5 Hash

Password | MD5 Hash Code

123456 = E10ADC3949BA59ABBE5
test = 098F6BCD4621D373CAD
ianz = 0948D2350A28EEB4B3B
pdf = BCD1B68617759B1DFCF


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Ep4 (Ran Online)
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